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Written By admin on Thursday, August 22, 2013 | 10:38 AM

I'm sorry my posting has been a bit 'off' recently. I've been quite busy at the moment and have lots to do before I go away on Sunday. Chances are I won't have prepared any future posts so my blog will be post-free for a couple of weeks. Although I'm trying to save up all of my money, I've got to admit there have definitely been a few tempting items in the shops at the moment. I've created four outfits here by trying to choose the cheapest possible items. Let me know what you think...

Outfit 1
33 pounds
I really really want this dress. I saw it in the shops when it first came out and now it's only £15. If that's not reason enough to buy it, then I don't know what is! Anyway, for the sake of my bank balance, let's hope no outfit posts with this dress appear on my blog any time soon! I still haven't got myself a pair of heels like these (there's never an excuse to wear them). I considered buying the cheap Primark versions but never got around to it (maybe next time).

Outfit 2
52 pounds
Probably my favourite outfit out of these four. It's always exciting when you find something good (and cheap) in the Topshop sale, such as this top and this skirt. And these heels are definitely going on my wish list (I love that colour)!

Outfit 3
35 pounds
I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that these heels were only £17 and this lovely dress only £10! *reaches for credit card*

Outfit 4
25 pounds
The cheapest jellies I managed to find were this pair from New Look. Although they're a lot less chunky than the originals, they're not a bad replacement. 

P.S. My shop will be closed while I am on holiday and will be re-opened on the 5th September. 


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