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No Boyfriend No Problem

Written By admin on Monday, February 11, 2013 | 8:40 AM

Let's be honest, there's many girls who are Anti-Valentine's Day.  I'm sure they all have good reasons too.  Some people even throw Anti-Valentine's Day parties.  I can't even lie.  I've always wanted to go to one of those.  When thinking of Valentine's day outfits, I had all of you in mind, so this post is for you. 

Top: Forever21/ Blazer & Leggings: H&M (similar leggings & similar blazer) / Shoes: JLO (gifted)
 Watch: Michael Kors/ Lipstick: MAC Russian Red 

I was trying to brainstorm and see what I could come up with for an outfit that would show I was anti v-day.  I spotted this top at Forever21 and literally laughed out loud because it was perfect!  The one thing I don't miss about being in a relationship are all of the problems that can occur. I paired this with my faux leather leggings because every time I wear them I feel like a badass lol  I really wanted this outfit to exude confidence in being single.

We all know the depth of my love for blazers.  It's never ending.  I really like styling them over graphic tops because it gives off that edgy yet feminine mix that I adore so much.  I added a red lip because I think it takes a lot of confidence to wear one and it went with the whole theme I was going for.  

Just for fun, I was throwing snowballs to see if my mom could catch me in action.  This was the best one.  Do you see the snowball in mid air? lol I'd like to think I was throwing it at all of the guys who have broken my heart! ;) 

This concludes my 3 part Valentine's Day segment: Date Night, Casual, & Anti- Valentine's Day.  I hope that there was something for everyone and that it gave you a little bit of inspiration.  Whether you are in a relationship or single, I hope that you enjoy the day and know that no matter what, you ARE loved.  My valentine is in Heaven, and I know he is with me.


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