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Syrup Spring 2010 catalogue

Written By admin on Monday, February 22, 2010 | 10:21 AM

The Syrup catalogue is consistently and unfailingly enchanting. Their beautiful pictures always inspire me to live a slightly sweeter life. The three concepts shaping the Syrup Spring 2010 collection are not only charming but also strike a chord in the hearts of mori girls. I have no doubt that the clothes are but a fraction of Syrup's charm.

The first concept, 'Syrup Culture Club,' brings to mind a quiet lifestyle filled with piles of books eagerly waiting to be read, old movies and solo voyages.


The clothes this time around are a bit more urban than those in their previous collections. The brown loose cuffed trousers and the khaki coat (in the first picture) remind of adventurer Tintin. Skirts are paired with loose tops, and the long-sleeved worn under the one-piece dress makes yet another appearance.

The second theme is a picnic at the botanic gardens. Personally, I love picnics, and I'm certain many mori girls share these sentiments. They're a great, hassle free way to feel a little closer to nature, even when you live in the city.

I love the different picnic set-ups in each picture. A-line dresses are featured liberally in this photoshoot and offer a comfortable way to enjoy picnics in comfort.

The third concept features lots and lots of flowers, primarily indoors and in pretty vases. The models are pictured in such beautiful surroundings. Anybody coming home to a house like that everyday would be lucky indeed!

The first dress has a lovely, elongated silhouette that's made a little cuter with white sneakers and apatterned top. The models always look so contemplative that just looking at these pictures calms one down right away.

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