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Mori girls in the New York Times

Written By admin on Saturday, February 13, 2010 | 6:15 AM

Mori girl style has unexpectedly gained the attention of the New York Times. The article (click here to read) portrays mori girls as 'living dolls' who shun any remotely aggressive or assertive behaviour and are terminally 'fragile'.

I can't say I completely agree with these sentiments. It is true that the mori girl subculture advocates a slow-paced lifestyle that is perhaps more passive than those of so-called 'carnivorous' women. It is also quite true that mori girl style tries to downplay sexuality, leaning more towards a sexless aesthetic.

However, I don't think the mori girl lifestyle advocates fragility or weakness in any way. Mori girls, while peace-loving, are ardent about expressing their individuality, albeit in discreet ways. Their penchant for unique clothing, creative hobbies and rejection of mainstream attitudes to life are a quiet protest against the status quo.

The article does make a good point about the escape from reality the mori girl lifestyle offers, though. It'd be a pity to waste all that imagination, wouldn't it? :)


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