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Featured Brand: Hana To Guitar

Written By admin on Sunday, December 27, 2009 | 12:12 PM

One of the recently published mori girl emooks featured clothing from the brand Hana To Guitar. The whimsical prints and innocent silhouettes make it a great place to get (or be inspired by) statement pieces to accompany basics and quieter layers.

The first dress is my favourite piece of the lot. The Scandinavian influence is strong here in the folkloric-looking prints and also appeals to mori girls' love of animal prints. The cartoon-printed dress in the second picture is just pure whimsy.

The layered dress is very sweet and something I imagine most mori girls would be able to wear with ease. As for the dungarees, they are absolutely adorable for those girls who tend towards a more childlike look.

Simpler and slightly more grown up pieces.

Image source: Hana To Guitar

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