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Featured Brand: Bulle de Savon

Written By admin on Thursday, December 31, 2009 | 1:10 AM

Bulle de Savon is a Japanese brand usually associated with natural kei. Its catalogue has a gentle, sunny feel that translates well to mori girl style. The French phrase 'bulle de savon' means 'soap bubble' in English, and I think the name encapsulates the playful yet laidback nature of mori girls. As with many of the brands featured on this site, loose A-line silhouettes are a dominating feature.

These pictures were taken from the Bulle de Savon catalogue. Such dreamy dresses and settings!

The first picture shows a simple way to layer a dress to achieve a softly textured look. The second picture features a cute toggle coat and the most adorable boots!

The first picture presents a silhouette that more mori girls may start to adopt in warmer weather. It's a way nice to achieve a loose silhouette and layered appearance without actually having to pile on that many layers, and also allows you to leave your legs bare if you have to.

I hope everyone is enjoying the festive season and is anticipating the New Year!

Image source: Bulle de Savon

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