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Shades Of Brown

Written By admin on Monday, November 25, 2013 | 8:56 AM

It's almost Thanksgiving and I am starting to feel festive!  Since brown is one of the colors associated with turkey day, I wanted to put something together with this theme.  

Jacket: Charlotte Russe (here) c/o / Sweater: (old) Forever21 (also love)
 Jeans: Dittos/ Scarf: Gentle Fawn/ Boots: Charlotte Russe (here) c/o
 Lipstick: Urban Decay Obsessed 

In terms of styling, my way of thinking has changed so much.  I never used to like wearing different shades of the same color at the same time.  But now, I really like experimenting with color in all aspects.  I'm a huge fan of neutrals, so I wanted to create a simple look incorporating different shades of brown.  Oversized sweaters are probably one of the most comfortable things to wear during this time of year.  I got this sweater a year ago, but my sister borrowed it and literally just gave it back to me.  Whenever I lend something out and don't get it back for awhile, it kind of feels brand new again. 
One of my favorite fall/winter accessories are scarves, especially printed ones!  They're a great way to add some dimension to your outfit and of course stay warm at the same time.  It's starting to get really cold and I am a little crazy for taking the jacket off but I just wanted to show a little bit more of the sweater.  And how fierce are these boots?  I'm really loving the buckles on the sides.  I really need to get more knee highs and booties before winter hits!  My feet are always the first part of my body to get numb in the cold lol

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