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Experimenting with pattern

Written By admin on Thursday, October 17, 2013 | 9:49 AM

I have had the most productive few days and I'm hoping it's going to continue like that! I've been working on a piece for my Textiles A2 coursework for part of this. We're on a section of our work where we're experimenting with pattern and surface design. Our brief was to create a piece which showed pattern from our sketchbook. I decided to create a corset type piece with 4 different panels. If you're wondering why it looks like a complete mess with threads and raw edges, it's because it doesn't need to be neatly finished as it's only a development piece, so please ignore this! The front two panels are both to do with my theme (can you guess what it is...?) and the back two are inspired by some designers I looked at in my work. I hope you like it and if you're interested I've written underneath each photo how I made the section. 

How I made it....I drew out with the outline of the pattern with pen and filled in the sections with black or green paint. I then stitched around the edges. 

How I made it.... I twisted a long piece of green fabric and stitched over the top to create the stems. I then cut out pink circles and stitched randomly over to create the roses. I also sewed and glued book pages into squares. 
 How I made it....I used a mola technique to layer and cut out materials. I created a paper layer with printed red rings and a watercolour background, and used a blue fabric and some purple napkins. 

How I made it... I drew out the pattern onto paper and scanned it onto the computer. I then used a pixlr to fill in sections of the pattern with colour. I printed this out and stitched it onto fabric. 


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