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I'm going to have to start taking photos earlier in the day soon, as it's already starting to get darker in the evenings (summer has definitely finished no doubt about it).  Personally, I love winter but hate Autumn. There's never much happening and it justs rains all the time!
. Is anyone heading off to London Fashion Week this weekend? I was very lucky to receive an invite to the Holly Fulton show on Saturday and to the Kilian Kerner presentation on Friday. Has anyone been to a LFW presentation before? ...I'm not sure whether it's worth travelling all the way into London for? Anyway, I'm pretty excited to see the catwalk show (well, as much of it as I can at my height...I've got a standing ticket, of course) and I'll be sure to feedback on it at some point. 
I was thinking about wearing this dress on Saturday. I bought it recently at a car boot sale and picked it up for the bargain price of £3 - pretty pleased with that! I don't own a lace dress and I thought it would be perfect for the winter months so I just had to buy it. It's quite a unique style and I love everything about it, from the collar, to the bows, to the slightly high waist line. I definitely wish I had some better heels to go with it though... maybe some Jeffrey Campbells or these, these, or these

What do you think of my dress? and what are you doing next week?

 dress - car boot sale/originally from Chi Chi London
shoes - New Look


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