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Written By admin on Friday, August 2, 2013 | 8:10 AM

I recently bought a huge load of fabric which I'm going to be using for making clothes to sell on my shop alongside my other items. I've never actually made an item of clothing for anyone other than my family before so it's definitely going to be a challenge making sure everything is perfect (I've already started to get frustrated at myself!) but I'm hoping to have some things finished by the end of the summer. Hopefully you'll like them and might even go as far as making a purchase...! On another note, I'm looking for new TV series' to watch and was wondering if you guys had any recommendations? 
So the designer I have chosen today is Bora Aksu. He has been one of my favourite designers for a while now and it's a surprise I haven't done a post on him yet. His designs might not be the most exaggerated or 'out there' but they are incredibly well made (I wish I could sew as well as this!). If you like the collections below, I would definitely recommend having a look at some of his earlier collections as well (which are personally my favourites) here

Spring/Summer 12

 Autumn/Winter 12

Spring/Summer 13

Autumn/Winter 13


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