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Homemade dress

Written By admin on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 | 7:25 AM

I've finished all of my exams now so I've got a week of literally doing nothing until I start A2- so happy! Plus, the sun's out which makes it so much better (22 degrees next Saturday apparently). 
So, this is the dress that I made recently. I'm really pleased with it because it's quite a complicated design. The fact that there's loads of different sections (8 to be precise) on the top means that it's actually quite a difficult design to make compared to some of the other things I've created and it's definitely good practice trying out something new. I saw this dress in Topshop recently and decided that I'd make a variation of it (the fabric was from Southall and only cost £2 per metre!) rather than spend more money. Usually when making my clothes, I just really quickly and easily make a pattern using my mannequin but this design actually required a level of skill to work it out. It's actually really interesting figuring out how this sort of style is made (well, it is to me anyway!). Anyway enough of me talking about sewing stuff. (By the way, please excuse my white legs in these photos. I'm not wearing any tights and my legs haven't seen the sun in about 9 months).

Are you enjoying the nice weather? What do you think of my dress?

dress - homemade
shoes - Office
necklace - bought on holiday
sunglasses - River Island


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