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Written By admin on Friday, May 31, 2013 | 3:14 AM

I saw the Great Gatsby on Wednesday. It was really good but nothing particularly spectacular. The costumes (Carey Mulligan's dresses = amazing!) and the soundtrack (I will never get bored of this song) were the best parts in my opinion, but I'd still recommend going to see it.
I went to Westfield yesterday with my Mum and my brother for a bit of holiday shopping. I couldn't resist buying this wonderful dress from River Island (I really wish I had a huge pair of Jeffrey Campbells to pair it with!). It cost £25 which seems a bit pricey (especially since I have no job and am trying to save up money for my summer holiday) but I just couldn't help myself! It's very similar to the ones you can get in Urban Outfitters for about £50 and I can tell that I'm going to wear this dress a huge amount (I really adore the style and shape) so I don't feel too guilty about the purchase. I think I'm going to have to give myself a spending ban for a while or force myself to find a Saturday job. I worked at my local garden centre during Christmas (hence why I have the money to go on holiday) but I've sort of come to a dead end with my job search and I  came to the conclusion that I can manage on minimal, cheap clothes. This can't last though and there's lots of other things I need to save up for now - it's so scary that in under a year I'll legally and officially be an adult with adult responsibilities and adult things to worry about. God, things are so much easier when you're only 17!

What do you think of my outfit? How is your week going?

 shoes - New Look
dress - River Island

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