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You're probably really fed up of me talking about the weather, but I have to mention the fact that it's actually starting to get warmer. I quote from the Met Office 'There remain signs of a transition from the current colder than average conditions to more typical conditions for the time of year taking place during mid-April'. This and the fact that it's Easter has put me in a good mood for the past few days and there's lots to look forward to - I'm currently counting down the days until I go and see Imagine Dragons in concert (check them out if you don't already know them, see here).
Enough of my ramblings and onto my outfit. This has to be one of my favourite shirts. I bought it around about this time last year from a vintage fair. I just love the print so much and the style of it. I bought the skirt from Topshop recently with some of my birthday money. I'd been eyeing it up for a while so I was quick to buy it when I had the chance. The problem with being able to make my own clothes is that I can never justify buying anything remotely expensive. If I see something I like, I'll ask myself whether I could easily make it and if not then it's not worth the money (I'll usually end up searching on eBay for something cheaper!). This skirt, however, is unusual in the way that it has different levels and sections to it. It's a bit similar to the panel skirt I made ages ago (here). I'm also a huge fan of the zips on this skirt. I hate sewing zips so I'd say it was justified.
What do you think of my outfit? How has your Easter been?

 skirt - Topshop
shirt - vintage
shoes - birthday present


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