My Favourite Things - Part 2

Written By admin on Friday, April 26, 2013 | 9:38 AM

Here is the continuation of my favourite things (you can see part 1 here). It's quite nice to write posts that aren't directly fashion related every now and again, so I hope you enjoy reading this.

6. My sewing machine
I've had this ...well actually I can't remember how long... but it's quite a long time. It's extremely useful and I honestly don't know what I'd do without it! As you can see from the numerous scratches and marks, it's been well used and I'm genuinely really pleased with how well it performs (the machines at school are awful so this one is perfect in comparison!). If you're thinking about buying a machine for yourself, I'd definitely recommend this brand.

 7. My magazines
I have a collection of magazines in my bedroom which I refuse to throw away (with the hope that they might one day come in handy - which they actually do!). At the moment I've got a subscription to Vogue so I'm always checking the post to see whether this month's edition has arrived. I really enjoy reading the articles (...ok fine... looking at the pictures!) in fashion magazines and it just gives me a lot of inspiration for clothes, styles and ideas of what to make. There's nothing better than rewarding yourself after a heavy revision session with 150 pages of designer shoes and couture dresses!

 8. My pin cushions
 Yes, this does seem like quite a random thing to put in my favourites list, but being interested in sewing has led to me receiving quite a few pincushions over the years! In case you can't tell, my assortment here includes a tomato, a bobbin, a mini hat (how cool is that!?) and a button jar/pin cushion lid. Although I have 4 of these wonderful pin cushions, I find that I never seem to actually keep all of my pins in them. It's not unusual  to step on a few pins while walking around my room with bare feet.

9. 10 My bag
This is not any old bag. I got this bag as a free gift from the first ever proper/non-public fashion show I went to. Back in 2010, I went to see the Romina Karamanea (not Georgia Hardinge as it says on the bag.. I guess it was because they were both part of the Vauxhall fashion scout) catwalk show at fashion week. It was incredible (especially since I was only 14) and we sat front row and everything! So it's become a sort of memento of the day and is also incredibly useful!

10. My CDs
 I don't actually own many CDs in real life form. These 3, however, are an exception. Foster the People, Two Door Cinema Club (so excited to see them tomorrow!) and Imagine Dragons are my favourites and I could listen to them non-stop every day. 

How has your week been?


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