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My favourite things - Part 1

Written By admin on Sunday, April 21, 2013 | 3:04 AM

I've seen this sort of post hovering around the blogosphere for a while now so I thought I'd try it out for myself. I hope you enjoy reading it and gain a small insight into who I actually am!

1. My camera
It's an Olympus Pen if you're wondering. Without this camera, I wouldn't actually have any photos for my blog and you'd be left with crappy phone photos, so this definitely had to go in my list. The camera itself is great. It takes good quality photos and also isn't really huge so it is easy to carry around, however I've only got a basic lens so I find that sometimes the pictures don't come out quite how you want them to. I'm hoping to save up enough money at some point to buy a better quality lens.

2. My glue gun
Yes, I got a glue gun for Christmas! How cool is that! It's actually really really useful and you can use it for so much. It's easy to use  - you just plug it in and you're off - and it's good for glueing smaller, trickier things together. Previously I had been using super glue from a tube but this glue gun has made things a million times easier and quicker. I highly recommend buying one if you're into crafts and that sort of thing.

 3. My purses
I was actually lucky enough to get two purses for my birthday. The first one I absolutely love! It was a present from my friend Katie (at The Gravity and She). It's a lovely design and is really great for storing all of your coins and notes. The 2nd one was also a present. I'm a sucker for crocodile material things so of course I really love it! Both of them are different shapes so it makes it much easier to carry things around when I can find the appropriate sized purse for my bag!

 4. My design book
This book is where I keep all of the designs I draw. I used to sketch a lot like this so I have loads and loads from last year and the year before piled up in this book. I date my designs so it's really interesting to look back on and see what I drew at a certain age. It's also really great to flick through the book and see how my drawing style has evolved from the beginning (I think I was about 14 when I started drawing out designs - I'm 17 now). I've sort of hit a block at the moment as I haven't had much time for drawing (or rather I choose to spend the time watching Gossip Girl and surfing the internet) but I'd definitely like to start sketching again.

5. My notebooks
I really love notebooks. There's nothing better than opening the first page of a new notebook and deliberating over what to write. I'm the sort of person who has to have everything written down otherwise I'll forget it straight away so I often bombard myself with 'To Do' lists and small notes to myself. Notebooks (and post it notes) make this so much easier. 

What are your favourite things?


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