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What did I get for Xmas?.....Fabric!

Written By admin on Wednesday, December 26, 2012 | 10:11 AM

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and Happy Boxing Day! One present I got (as you can probably tell from the title) was fabric. My parents tend to give me fabric rather than actual clothes due to the risk of me not liking what they get me, although I don't think I'm actually that fussy (Ok that's a lie). Anyway, I haven't made anything in a while (the last proper thing I made was probably my prom dress) since it's hard to find the time as well as the motivation to actually start the project. I'd say that's one of my biggest flaws - I always have trouble actually starting big projects. I made the following skirt actually on Christmas day. I know, I know, it seems crazy to spend time making something on Christmas but I find it's one of the few days I have the chance to make something, plus I enjoy it (and there's no-one bugging you because they're all downstairs playing with their presents!). It took me about 2 hours so I'm quite pleased with it. It's not bad for a couple of hours work. I really like the style of it and the way that the fabric folds over at the front. It's a bit like a wrap skirt. I used two types of fabric for this - some plain black fabric for the lining and this really nice silver, stretchy fabric for the outside. I was actually really surprised when I finished it because nothing went drastically wrong. There was one point where the zip broke (I was so lucky I actually had a zip spare) but with a bit of effort and unpicking I managed to fix it. Obviously there are things I don't like about it - the stitching and the shape, but overall I'm fairly happy with it.
In the photos below, I'm wearing my skirt with a shirt from Topshop (a Christmas present) and a necklace (another Christmas present).


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