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Rings and things

Written By admin on Sunday, December 16, 2012 | 12:06 PM

I found these two images recently that inspired me to write this post. I love the photography in both of them and the way that each highlights the jewellery as the main feature. Often in fashion photos you look at the clothes or the model so it's unusual to find photos like these. The rings below are really cool and it reminds me that I need more for myself! 

I really love this look (above). I think what's great about it is that the shirt is very masculine but the outfit is made more feminine by the necklaces and the pearls. It also has a very antique feel.

 I currently only have 2 rings (one from New Look and one from Topshop), though I love them both! My favourite kind of jewellery at the moment is gold - anything that's gold and has a edgy kind of feel is great. The great thing is that it can go with anything - literally anything!

My new necklace (River Island). I bought it just the other day but haven't actually worn it yet. It's such a statement necklace I wanted the first time I wore it to be a special occasion where I dress up so I'm planning to wear it to the school's christmas party. I really love how this looks with the shirt and collar in these photos .

 I bought this necklace while on holiday in Egypt. It's more of a summer necklace so I haven't worn it much recently but it's definitely coming out when it get's to spring (at least).

 My big collection of beaded/pearl necklaces. Most of these I've acquired from my mum, grandma etc. Although I did make the blue one. I always seem to have at least one of these on every day.

This one I also bought on holiday. I used to wear it all the time but don't wear it as much now. I really love the colour though since it stands out so much.

The gold necklace here I literally wear all of the time. It's so useful to just throw on and can instantly make an outfit look better. I got it ages ago (I can't even remember where from - that's an unusual occurence!) and it is actually falling apart slightly but I'm not going to throw it away!
The second one was a present from a friend.  

Two of my favourite bracelets here. The white one was bought on holiday and the silver is actually one of those clever bracelet things. You can change it's shape and it can be a necklace or a bracelet or whatever you want. It used to be my mum's but she didn't want it anymore.

 I've collected this assortment of bangles throughout my whole life and they're from various differnet places. I don't tend to wear bangles too much because they make a lot of noise (and it can be quite annoying walking around and everytime you lift your arm it makes a noise) but I really should wear them more.

Although it sound crazy this is actually a candle holder (or some kind of thing that goes around the candle?). It actually looks like a proper bracelet and it's carrying on my theme of gold so that's always good!


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