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Written By admin on Friday, December 28, 2012 | 6:05 AM

I wouldn't say I'm a huge 'bag person' and tend to use a limited number of bags but I do have some that I really love. The one below I got as a Christmas present from my Mum this year so I haven't used it yet. It was from a charity shop (you can find some really great things in charity shops) and is a vintage piece. I really love the wood look it has and the colour really stands out. I really like this lady-like type of bag - it's a bit more interesting and has more personality to it than a modern type one. 

The bag below I've had for a while now (it must be about 2 years now). I got it from River Island for just £15 which is a real bargain, especially considering the amount I've used it. It's a perfect size for carrying around while shopping with enough space for all of your essentials and the strap is really handy. The bag used to have a handle but it fell off (I haven't got around to fixing it yet) and some of the material is slightly frayed but it's still perfect.

I do have one more bag - it's beaded yellow and black (from a vintage market) but I seem to have misplaced it (I've literally looked everywhere) so couldn't take any photos at the moment. Photobucket


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