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Christmas heels

Written By admin on Monday, December 3, 2012 | 12:11 PM

So I customised my one pair of black heels yesterday (New Look - £29.99). I really love this whole gold stud trend that seems to be everywhere you look. Although it has a whole feel of weaponary and is very dangerous (according to my brother), I feel like it can create a whole outfit simply with a few touches of gold. It has a great way of making anything you wear look very chic and stylish and can make a boring outfit look cool, exciting and way better than it actually is. Rather than studs, I used small gold beads to customise my shoes. Unbelievably you can't find studs anywhere in Hobbycraft (trust me I've looked around the whole shop) and this is the nearest craft store to me so I had to make deal with the beads. However, I think in the end these actually looked better. I may consider purchasing some studs from online so that I can use them for other projects though. My plan was to wear these heels to the christmas ball my school is having but this will depend on whether my feet can survive in them for the whole evening without suffering extreme pain! I didn't want to overdo it with the decoration so I only added a line around the heel and the platform which adds the perfect amount of shine to them. The only thing is I'll have to hope sure that the beads stay on (they should seeing as I used super glue) and don't fall off mid-way through the evening!

Purchased from Hobbycraft - one of the most exciting shops to go into! There are so many different things in there and it gives you so many ideas! Luckily I'm quite self controlled and can stop myself from buying a load of stuff. My mum and brother are the opposite though and often can't help but buy something (especially if it's on offer!). The only downside to Hobbycraft is that it's actually very expensive.

I used this extra strong adhesive for this. As you can see behind is my selection of glues which I keep in a video case - don't ever buy boxes because you can always find something to use that will work just as well. Also, If you ever attempt this yourself, always use newspaper. I've used glue without it and the mess is unbelivable!

The shoe before.

The shoe after.


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