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My skirt shirt

Written By admin on Sunday, November 25, 2012 | 7:53 AM

I haven't done many posts over the past week - it's been quite busy and I haven't had the chance. However, we've just had a big clear out in our house and I've got 2 huge bags of old clothes to use so expect many posts on DIY-ing clothes over the next month or so! My Dad also found some amazing tea cloth fabric (trust me it's really nice!) that I can't wait to use!

Anyway, this is a just a short post. The other day I made this (see below). I used an old linen shirt. Originally my plan was to create a sort of  crop shirt (such as on the picture on my wall), however I managed to make it the wrong size. Luckily I found some lining from the inside of a skirt that I never wear. It was already gathered so I just sewed it to the edge of the shirt. I quite like this, although I currently don't have any clothes to go with it which is annoying.


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