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Featured Mori Girl: Yu Aoi

Written By admin on Monday, November 9, 2009 | 11:15 AM

Over the next few weeks I will post pictures of Japanese celebrities who have been identified as mori girls. The first is an actress many of you will be familiar with if you've been following this blog. Yu Aoi (蒼井優) was born on 17 August 1985 and is an accomplished actress known for her roles as displaced, sensitive characters. She was also identified in a poll as the celebrity most representative of the mori girl subculture. She never looks like she has any makeup on and always seems to be wearing interesting clothing. I admit I've been a big fan of Yu's for a quite while now! Her onscreen persona is just so off-kilter yet strangely inspiring. She's the girl we think we really are deep down.

Taken from her photo books Travel Sand, Dandelion and Portugirl respectively.


Stills from one of her latest films, One Million Yen and the Nigamushi Woman (otherwise known as One Million Yen Girl), in which she plays a girl who leaves home and wanders around different towns doing odd jobs until she's saved one million yen.

Yu as the star of the drama Osen.

Sporting a look similar to Hagu's in Honey and Clover in an ad for Canon.

A shoot she did for mori girls' favourite magazine, Spoon.

Yu in a shoot for Nylon Korea.

She's also an awesome ballet dancer.

I just had to include this. It's a breathtaking scene from Hana and Alice (which I highly recommend) in which Yu shows off her ballet skills. The entire soundtrack was composed by director Shunji Iwai. (If you want to get the DVD on Amazon why not get it from my affiliate link?)

Yu always seems to get roles in these thought-provoking, artsy little films. Can't wait to see what she'll appear in next!

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