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Featured Brand: Furfur

Written By admin on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 | 1:26 AM

Furfur is a brand that has mentioned by the original mori girls Mixi community. Furfur doesn't have as organic or earthy a feel as, say, SM2 does. It is more girly and elaborate in its styling and copious use of lace and ruffles.

This dress and top remind me more of Lolita fashion than mori girl per se. However, if you look at pictures of girls in Japan who may be classified as mori girls, you'll see that many of them do incorporate ultra-feminine items into their outfits, dressing them down with baggy layers.

The hooded parka on the left is really quite forest-like with its trimmings. The top on the right is rather childlike and quite typically mori girl in style.

Love the dress on the left. The prints on the fabric look really cute from here and it's got that tent-like silhouette that's so comfortable and very typical of mori girls. The tshirt on the right reminds me of something from Syrup, another Japanese brand associated with mori girls. Light drawings on graphic print tshirts seem to be quite popular.

I apologise for the small size of the pictures--the website didn't have anything larger.

Image source: Furfur

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